TIMEBANDITS is a line of sweatband watches designed by myself, Jonathan Stephens.  I am the CEO/Owner/Designer of TIMEBANDITS Watches while I also pursue many other artistic endeavors pertaining to design and product development.

Our TIMEBANDITS Blog site is fully dedicated to explore and discover new ideas and information within the world of: Art, Fashion, Urban Culture, Music, and the Retro-Future Lifestyle.



BIO – JONATHAN  STEPHENS  (Photographer/Director/Designer)


Jonathan Stephens, a multi-hyphenate artist (Photographer-Director-Designer), is the  founder and creative designer of TIMEBANDITS Watches, a hot new company delivering a line of unique sweatband watches for men and women. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Jonathan moved to Los Angeles in ’94, completing his studies in Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California. Along with his personal film projects that he directed, Jonathan immediately found himself attached to direct several Music Videos. He was also asked to shoot still photography for the television show The X-Files, which served as a spawning ground for the cultivation of his extra-curricular creative efforts. His photography and visual design has been featured on camera in numerous episodes of The X-Files.

Jonathan began making his first watches in 2002. He has always been a fanatic of watches and sunglasses and was looking for something other than the leather banded Fossil and Diesel brands marketed to men. With only three watches under his belt, Jonathan began to see a market for his designs as more and more people stopped him on the street to inquire where they could buy the product. When they discovered it was his design, people began placing orders.

Jonathan was able to place samples of his watches in high-end boutiques in Malibu and Hollywood on Melrose, through friends who worked there. Within 6 months, he was able to secure an account with a chain of Japanese department stores.

While walking on Melrose one day, Jonathan ran into Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan who he had previously met while working as a photographer. He was then able to connect with Snoop’s personal stylist, who passed along some watches to the Hip Hop entertainer. Snoop’s reaction was so positive that he has been captured at event after event world wide sporting TIMEBANDITS Watches.

Many celebrities have been seen wearing Jonathan’s line of watches including: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CONTESTANT: Sara Kei VonGillern), (AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANTS: Sanjaya Malakar, Chris Richardson, and Blake Lewis), Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, NICK VERREOS from Project Runway, Jack Osbourne, Flavor Flav, Haylie Duff,  Pamela Anderson, FERGIE of the Black Eyed Peas, Naomi Watts,  PEREZ HILTON, Jenny McCarthy, the band 311, and many, many more.

The Pool Trade Show, an indie/underground designer show for up and comers (now owned by Magic Trade Show of Las Vegas) was Jonathan’s first experience in the trade show scene. Fred Segal approached him, offering him an opportunity to sell his designs in their stores. This was a very pivotal point, especially considering that designer competition was (and is) steep. But for Jonathan, it wasn’t just the marketing power that came with the way his brand was portrayed, it was the smile on someone’s face when they put the watch on and say – “Oh no you didn’t? with a laugh – that mattered. This product line that Jonathan designed became a door opener for all kinds of unique opportunities and fun adventures. His watches have been sold in well over 1000 retail stores worldwide.

Working in Hollywood entertainment has afforded Jonathan a spattering of celebrity contacts, but that’s not what is more important to him. He became sober over 5 years ago. He didn’t go the Anonymous route, seeking support from AA or NA; he simply quit cold turkey. Partying and drinking was only getting in the way of what he truly wanted to accomplish. Jonathan needed to produce “tangible work and tangible evidence of his time on this planet.”

He says, “I can take someone into a room right now completely filled with art, photographs, paintings, designs, products, films…complete archives of a creative body of work. All of that to me is worth a lot more than a hang over and an empty bank account.”


How do you want your art to affect or influence people?

 “I want my art to motivate and inspire viewers to become aware of the possibility

  of their own artistic expression. It’s my intention that they, too, can hopefully

  find their own creative outlet and have their voices and ideas heard.”

                                                                                   – Jonathan Stephens


Jonathan Stephens and TIMEBANDITS Watches can be found at

 www.jrsfilm.com   (Jonathan Stephens – Artist/Photographer/Designer)


www.timebanditswatches.com  (TIMEBANDITS Watches)

On Myspace at www.myspace.com/jrsfilm  and www.myspace.com/timebandits



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