DESIGN That Inspires Us

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We are constantly surrounded by designs that inspire us as artists, and by saying that I mean that we consciously and subconsciously look to bring particular designs into our world to influence us. If you take a look around your house, apartment, office, or studio, you’ll know what I mean. We draw into us what we want to become a part of us. Therefore, the clothes you wear and the things you collect become a part of you and serve as a major force in how you are represented as an individual.

Some of the designs we like and are inspired by range from the Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair to Urban Vinyl Toys by Doze Green and Gary Baseman to The Nike Dunk Low SB – Tiffany Edition shoes.


These Urban Vinyl Toys are a MUST HAVE for your collection!


Reading from Left to Right for Rows 1 through 3:

Row 1: Gary Baseman M.O.D 8 Inch Dunny, Smoking Cat by Kaz, Bunny Duck by Todd Schorr,

Row 2: Camille Rose Garcia Dolls – set of 4, Gamagon in Red by Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman Bear Qee

Row 3: Travela by Doze Green, Obey Dog Qee by Shephard Fairey, FAFI: Irena Pale Edition

NIKE DUNK SB’s – that we like. These are the most noteworthy Nike Dunk SB’s that we can think of when it comes to innovative urban design and style.


Reading from Left to Right for Rows 1 through 4:

Row 1: Nike Dunk Lo Pro SB Avenger, Nike Dunk Lo Pro SB Heineken, Nike Dunk Lo Pro SB Tiffany

Row 2: Nike Dunk Low SB (Buck), Nike Dunk Low SB (Raygun Black Edition), Nike Dunk Low SB (Boca Jr Edition)

Row 3: Nike Dunk High SB (NL undft. Edition), Nike Dunk Low SB (Hulk Edition), Nike Dunk SB (Euro High)

Row 4: Nike Dunk Low SB (Cali Edition), Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (royal blue/orange/mesh), Nike Dunk Low SB (Hawaii Edition)

More urban design and style reflections coming soon!

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19 responses to “DESIGN That Inspires Us

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  2. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

  3. Cool Stuff

  4. Reheat says : I absolutely agree with this !

  5. quiero ganarme alguna zapatilla o campera!
    me encanta la ropa de aca!

  6. Hi,

    You send me all your beautiful shoes on my website. Please send your pictures at:

    Thaks a lot.


  7. do you have good deal you have a good shoes

  8. Nice pics of the Nikes. I’m more of a Puma man but some of those are pretty nice. In relation to the Urban Vinyl Toys I’m a big fan of the qee range of vinyl – it rocks.

  9. it’s a very good style

  10. the most i like at nike is their logo, i remeber a movie eith Mel Gibson in which he had a powerfull advertising spot in “What Womens Want”!

  11. My names Michael. My english is very weak. Where buy nike dunk. They are amazing.Where these shoes are for buying in poland.

  12. I got all of them ahahaha! im rich, bitches

  13. Im rich btw i hav all the styles i want ahahaha

  14. is cool

  15. the shoes look pretty good but needs to c better ones

  16. i love nike

  17. Alfred Oatlhotse

    I was jst woundering hw cn i buy online if is posible

  18. Omg I love Nike so much, their the most radical brand eva! They are sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing and awesome! Ya know what I mean? They are just so amazing and cool. They totally rule!

    Seriously, you guys, Nike’s not the only one that has great shoes. Only their vintage looks the best of the Nike line.

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